Three Stunning New Lion King Posters Released

While the character posters for Disney's The Lion King were the subject of plenty of criticism with fans online, the newest set of posters for the film likely won't receive any such response. In fact, it's got to be quite the opposite. When tickets for The Lion King went on sale Monday morning, Disney revealed a series of exclusive posters and the entire trio is breathtaking.

The three posters are exclusive to various viewing experiences. One belongs to the RealD 3D, one is for Dolby Digital, and the other is the IMAX artwork. Each of these posters is completely unique, and focuses on a different aspect of The Lion King.

The RealD 3D poster is probably the most impressive of the bunch, highlighting the relationship between Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon. The three characters are used to make an image on the right side of the poster, with the iconic image of their "Hakuna Matata" time lapse inside the silhouette.

Dolby's poster is all about Simba's journey from a runaway cub to the king of Pride Rock. The eye of a lion looms large in the middle of the poster, with the shadow of a cub standing within it.

The final poster of the three belongs to IMAX, and it really plays with the whole "bigger screen" claim to fame. The poster is a shot from the movie, showing Pride Rock and the land surrounding it. It's a majestic look at everything the light touches, along with all of the photo-realistic animals featured in the movie.


Which of these new Lion King posters is your favorite? Are you looking forward to seeing The Lion King next month? Let us know in the comments!

Disney's The Lion King arrives in theaters on July 19th.