Tom Holland Is Showing Chris Pratt Some Love Ahead of Onward's Release

Pixar's latest movie, Onward, hits theaters tonight and the major theme of the new animated feature is brotherhood. The movie stars Tom Holland and Chris Pratt as elf brothers who are given a magical staff by their late father, which grants them the magic ability to bring him back for one day. Considering brotherhood is a big theme of the film, it's no surprise that Holland ended up bringing his own brothers to the London premiere. While the young actor has three younger brothers of his own, it appears he's found a big brother in Pratt, who recently shared some photos of the two together, and revealed Holland is an "amazing dancer." Recently, Holland took to Instagram to share the same set of photos with his own special caption.

“My big bro and I are coming to theatres March 6th. Will we see you there…,” Holland wrote. Many people commented on the post, including Holland’s father, Dominic. “Been lucky to have seen this already - it’s tremendous. Met the filmmakers too - which was a privilege - congrats Dan Corrie and all your extended team," @dommoholland wrote. You can check out Holland’s post below:

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My big bro and I are coming to theatres March 6th. Will we see you there... @pixaronward

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In a recent interview, Pratt and Holland both revealed who they would bring back to life for 24 hours if given the chance. According to, Pratt would bring back his dad "who passed away just before Guardians of the Galaxy came out."

"I would show him Guardians of the Galaxy," Pratt explained. “If he didn't like it, I would bring back a known criminal to beat him up on Instagram Live and become popular,” he joked. "If my dad didn't like Guardians of the Galaxy, I'd be like 'alright, gee, go back, dad.”

Holland also had a nice answer, saying he’d bring back his great-grandfather, who died when Holland’s grandfather, Bob, was just a baby. Holland said he’d like to give his grandfather the chance to meet his dad, further proving that he’s the sweetest young man on the planet.

Onward’s writer/director, Dean Scanlon (Monsters University), wrote the film based on his own experiences with his brother, so it’s no surprise that he, too, would bring back his late dad. Scanlon also didn’t get the chance to know his father, so he’d "maybe take him to see the movie” and let him know "what a phenomenal job [his] mother did raising [them]."


In addition to Holland and Pratt, Onward also stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Octavia Spencer, Ali Wong, Lena Waithe, and Mel Rodriguez.

Onward arrives in theaters on March 6th.

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