Another Look At Jared Leto's Joker Hair, Starting To Go Green


Because nobody can seem to get enough of Jared Leto's lucious locks, here's another image of his recently shortened and bleached hair, as shared on the Chase Hair Instagram page.

Leto seems to be about to go through the dying process, and may actually be showing a tint of green here. You can get a look at the actual dye below.


The end of an era

A photo posted by @chasehair on


✂️✅™ #chasehair

A photo posted by @chasehair on

UPDATE: Batman-News dug a little deeper and found that the green hair photo, now removie from Instagram, was actually only tinted green, and darkend, using Instagram filters. The original photo, of Leto with Solange Knowles, can be seen below.

Earlier today, we got to see Leto's new hair from the front.


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