Aquaman Star Nicole Kidman in Tears at Golden Globes Event Over Australian Brushfires

As the brushfires in Australia continue to damage the country, many people are having to deal with the horrible effects that the blazes are inflicting across the land. Those effects are taking a major toll on a lot of people, and some of the most prominent stars in Hollywood are having to deal with the issues like the rest of the country. Aquaman and Batman Forever actress Nicole Kidman is reportedly being affected by the brushfires in her native country. While attending an event in advance of tomorrow's Golden Globes Award ceremony, a new report indicates that Kidman has been visibly shaken.

According to US Weekly, Kidman was attending the Gold Meets Golden event where an eyewitness said she "looked very tired and sad." An insider explained that she and her husband Keith Urban just discovered their home could be damaged by the fires.

"She just found out and got off a plane right before coming here," the insider said. "She was crying walking in."

"She was crying as she walked into the red carpet."

A rep for Kidman and Urban clarified in a statement that "their house is not on fire. It is under threat, so keeping a close eye on it."

The brushfires in Australia have caused immense concern, and Kidman's fellow countryman Hugh Jackman has spoken out in hopes of inspiring people to donate.

"We want to express our deep gratitude to the people in Australia who are fighting these devastating bushfires Our hearts are with everyone impacted especially those who have lost homes businesses and loved ones This is an immense tragedy for our home country #AustraliaBushfires," Jackman wrote on social media.

A news report stated that the fires were sweeping through New South Wales, one of the most populated states in the country. State Premier Gladys Berejiklian warned that the weather could worsen conditions as the weekend rolls on.


"We don't take these decisions lightly," Berejikilan began. "We want to make sure we're taking every single precaution to be prepared for what could be a horrible day on Saturday."

People can donate to the Red Cross disaster relief fund by clicking here.