Ariana Grande Parody "thank u, jeff" Pays Tribute To Jeff Goldblum

Ariana Grande made quite the impression with her music video for Thank You, Next, and James Cordon [...]

Ariana Grande made quite the impression with her music video for Thank You, Next, and James Cordon decided to flip it and make it an ode to his favorite guest, Jeff Goldblum.

On the latest episode of The Late Late Show with James Cordon, Cordon unveiled a new video titled thank u, jeff. The video is a tribute to the always entertaining Jeff Goldblum, but Cordon doesn't just sing the song for his favorite guest. Instead, he crafted a whole new video, complete with a Goldblum focused scrapbook, dancers, costume changes, and shots of Goldblum from his various films.

Cordon also channels the movie spoof theme from Grande's video, so you can see elements of Mean Girls, 13 Going on 30, Bring it On, and Legally Blonde all here.

The song kicks off with Cordon in a bed (just like Grande was" as Corden sings the lyrics "We first saw him in The Fly, but his face was grotesque. Then he won independence, from an alien menace. And in Thor Ragnarok, his performance was classic, but who could forget that heartthrob doctor, that he played in Jurassic."

Cordon then does his own Mean Girls talent show spoof as he launches into the chorus, singing "He taught me love. He taught me patience. He taught me pain. Jeff Goldblum's amazing. He's our silver fox, with black thick-rimmed glasses, the way that he talks, will charm off your asses, and for that I say Thank you...Jeff. Thank you...Jeff, Thank you...jeff, he's so freaking scared of that T-Rex."

The next verse goes "He does more than just act. He plays a mean jazz piano. And when he tickles those keys, I just don't understand bro. I've interviewed a lot of celebs, forget the rest. Cuz I think Jeff Goldblum is my favorite guest. He kills every scene, his skills are exacting, there's no better man, in character acting. He's over 6 feet, he's the complete package. Look at him here, in this leather jacket."

Jeff is quite touched with Corden's endearing tribute, though he does ask him if he's had that Goldblum filled Journal before he made the video. Corden says no, of course not, but then admits to it and says he 'll get rid of it.

It's definitely an entertaining tribute and you can check out the whole thing in the video above.

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