Army Of The Dead: Garret Dillahunt Teases Wild Zack Snyder Zombie Movie

Justice League director Zack Snyder's next project is assembling a fan-favorite cast for a post-apocalyptic thrill ride in the form of Army of the Dead. The film is going to be arriving in 2021, there is no official release date yet, but it has wrapped production and is gearing up for its debut. Among those tossed into the film's world of zombies is Fear the Walking Dead star Garret Dillahunt. Dillahunt is, of course, no strangers to end of the world scenarios where the dead stand up right, but the actor recently explained to that Snyder's version of zombies is going to be quite a bit different from what Walking Dead fans are used to.

Dillahunt worked on Army of the Dead last summer, filming his part as Martin in New Mexico. While much of the film remains a secret for now, Dillahunt did have an interesting tease of what to expect while breaking down his excellent episode of Fear the Walking Dead from this past Sunday night.

"It's real different," by comparison to Fear the Walking Dead's zombie world, Dillahunt explains. The Walking Dead franchise has walking corpses which move slowly and do not show any signs of thinking about anything other than hunting for fresh flesh to chow down on. "I'm excited to see [Army of the Dead], too," Dillahunt says. "To have different ideas about zombies, which is refreshing, I think, in a lot of ways. And I know I have to keep this so vague, I'm sorry. I don't know when the thing's coming out now. Sometime next year."

The big differences will be in how quickly the undead threats are able to move, it seems. "They strayed away from a lot of normal zombie canon, that for some reason, everyone adheres to," Dillahunt says. "You're like, 'Maybe they don't have to be that way. What if they were this way?' 'Oh, that's a nice wrinkle.' The zombies are scary, I'll tell you that. The zombies are really fast and scary."


A scary world of zombies, paired with Dillahunt and Dave Bautista, along with Snyder's cinematic vision? Sounds like a wild adventure is on the horizon and hopefully a first look or release date are revealed soon! You can read's full interview with Dillahunt right here.

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