'Arrow's Stephen Amell Strongly Weighs in on 'Die Hard' Christmas Movie Debate

30 years ago, the world became a better place when the greatest action film of all time was released in theaters. Despite the many years since its debut, Die Hard sparks the same online debate every single year… is it a Christmas movie?

There are solid arguments to both sides. Pros: it takes place on Christmas Eve, there are tons of Christmas songs playing throughout the movie, and the actual writers of the film have called it a Christmas movie. Cons: the movie was released in July, has at least 20 people die onscreen, and the film's star (Bruce Willis) has denied that it's a Christmas movie.

Some of us believe Die Hard is both a Christmas movie AND an all-year round movie. (You're depriving yourself if you only watch it at Christmastime and you're depriving yourself if you don't watch it at Christmastime. Honestly, you're depriving yourself if you don't watch Die Hard AT LEAST three times a year.)

However, there's one actor who isn't keeping their strong opinions on the subject to themselves. Stephen Amell, best known for playing the Arrow/Oliver Queen on Arrow, was pretty perturbed by the results of a recent study.

"This is absurd," wrote Amell. According to Morning Consult, 62% of the adults polled on the subject say Die Hard is, in fact, NOT a Christmas movie. According to the study, the age range most in favor of Die Hard as a Christmas movie is 33-44, which makes sense considering Amell falls under that category (the actor is 37). However, even Amell's age group only came out as 37% in favor.

Morning Consult surveyed 2,200 adults in the United States last month, all being asked the same question about the John McTiernan-directed film. Considering 2,200 isn't exactly a lot when you consider how many people exist in this world, we're inclined to say the debate is still up for discussion.

This isn't Amell's first time being vocal about Die Hard during Christmastime. The actor was even able to make his character pro Die Hard back in 2016.


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