Avatar 2 New Look Reveals The Stars On Set

Avatar 2 is coming to theaters next year, finally giving fans of James Cameron's groundbreaking 3D film the sequel they've been waiting for, for over a decade. James Cameron has been (not surprisingly) secretive about what Avatar 2 is all about. Unlike most big blockbuster movies, the technical challenges of the franchise allow Cameron and co. to film most of the material in-studio and away from prying eyes, making it even harder to get looks into Avatar 2's production. However, today we have an official look at Avatar 2 stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Kate Winslet and Cliff Curtis, in the middle of filming the sequel!

"From the set of the sequels: @ZoeSaldana, Sam Worthington, Kate Winslet, and Cliff Curtis taking a break from underwater performance capture for a quick photo! Fun fact: Much of the performance capture took place in this 900,000 gallon tank, built specifically for the sequels." --Avatar Official Twitter

The photos shows Worthington, Saldana, Winslet and Curtis are all in some kind of massive tank of water (900,000 gallons of it!), with these plastic balls lining the surface, and pool floatation devices thrown in, presumably to give the actors a break treading water, in between takes. They each have the the intricate performance-capture headpiece rigs on, with the motion-capture dots that will help the digital wizards behind the film create the look of Avatar's alien races, the Na'vi - with the new additions bringing a new people, the "Metkayina free-diving clan" to life in the sequel. Cliff Curtis will play Tonowari, the leader of the Metkayina clan; Winslet is playing Ronal, a Metkayina free-diver who she as described as being a relatively small but pivotal role in the story.

Here's the general synopsis for Avatar 2, if you haven't been keeping up with the slow drip of details:

Avatar 2 Behind the Scenes Photos

"12 years after exploring Pandora and joining the Na'vi, Jake Sully has formed a family with Neytiri as they are wandering across the expansive world of Pandora, meeting new allies in the form of the Metkayina free-diving clan led by Tonowari. Everything changes when the R.D.A. once again invade Pandora to finish what they started."


Avatar got ragged on hard for being a derivative take on other famous stories - and now it seems that Avatar 2 is very much going to be a in the same vein as Avatar. But hey, as long as Cameron revolutionizes underwater 3D filming, the spectacle will sell.

Avatar 2 is slated to hit theaters on December 17, 2021.

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