Kevin Conroy's Batman Can Now Navigate Your Route Thanks to Waze

Waze has become a favorite traffic app for commuters around the country, and the tool is about to become even more impressive to comic book fans. Earlier today, Google announced it would be adding some neat Batman features to Waze in light of Batman Day later this month. And to make things even better, this update will let fans select Kevin Conroy's Batman as their co-pilot who navigates them to their next big destination.

According to the current report, Waze users will be able to have Conroy narrate the in-app navigation prompts as Batman from the animated series. Fans can also take a ride on the wild side by having Riddler narrate directions as Wall Wingert also lent his voice to the project. So if you are a Batman: Arkham diehard, this option might be the one for you!

These voices will be available to fans until October 31, so Waze users better use them while they can. Waze will make this Batman experience available worldwide in either English, Spanish, or Portuguese. A few other features will be added such as curated playlists via Spotify. There will be a 'Drive with Batman' and 'Drive with the Riddler' playlist available to fans. And if you want to know what is on the playlists, you can expect to hear a lot of Prince as well as original scores from various Batman movies.

waze batman

The final feature comes in the form of in-app car skins. Waze users will be able to change their car's avatar to something more stylish. Users can have their cars show up in the app as a tiny Batmobile. You will be able to see if other drivers around your are DC Comics fans as surrounding Batmobiles will pop up on the in-app map.


Will you be downloading one of these Batman features? Which other DC characters need this kind of treatment? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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