Batman v Superman's Robin Costume Was Actually a Batman Suit

The Robin suit from Batman v Superman has been in the news of late after Zack Snyder revealed an Easter egg of the character will be popping up at some point in Zack Snyder's Justice League when the series drops on HBO Max sometime next year. The suit is featured just momentarily during Dawn of Justice, before Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne heads out for the night. If you pause and look closely, however, you may notice that under all of the Joker vandalism really lies a Batman suit the production team repurposed for the moment.

Batman v Superman costumer Dog Stewart shared a behind-the-scenes look at the suit earlier this month, confirming the suit was one they had originally intended on using for the Caped Crusader. Instead, it was repurposed when it was decided the Robin moment would be put into the movie.

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"Robin, started with the cannibalized stunt bat suit," Stewart shared on Instagram. "Snipped, nipped, trimmed and tucked. A Robin suit was in there. Wrapped on a special fiberglass form to enhance his anatomy."

During one recent interview, Snyder confirmed his version of Justice League would bring the idea of the character back, at least momentarily. "There's a Robin line like...there's a Robin Easter egg in Justice League," the filmmaker revealed in a recent stop on TheFilmJunkee. "That, I think you'll have to wait and see. I can't say exactly."

Snyder then suggested he had future plans for Robin, adding "Would there be a plan to have more Robin? In whatever future story? There would be."

"I mean to me, the way you do a Robin story in the Justice League universe with Batman is like, drinking and remembering, and we see what happened," Snyder added. "We understand who Robin was to him and we get to experience what was the circumstances for the Joker and Robin coming together."

When the feature was first released, Snyder confirmed Robin — the Dick Grayson version of the character, nonetheless — was killed upwards of 10 years before Batman v. Superman.


"In my mind, it was that Robin had died 10 years earlier, during some run-in with a young Joker," Snyder tells IGN. "So there was a fun backstory there to play with. I felt like the whole idea was that there had been loss and there had been sacrifice. In a weird way, he had sacrificed everything to be Batman. He doesn't really have a life outside the cave. I thought that including Robin, a dead Robin, was helping us understand that he's been on quite a little journey."

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is now streaming on HBO Max.