Ben Affleck At SAG Awards Injury Watch

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The SAG Awards will likely see a ratings boost tonight for the most unusual of reasons. On Friday, rumors started circulating online that Ben Affleck had suffered an injury and the start of production on Batman Vs. Superman was going to be delayed. Initial reports had Affleck injuring his leg, but more recent reports suggest that he injured his ribs in a skiing accident. With other reports indicating that Affleck has appeared in public recently looking injury free, the rumor would likely have quickly died out if not for one thing. A couple hours after the rumor really started to gain steam, Warner Bros. announced the release date of Batman Vs. Superman has been pushed back ten months until May 6, 2016. In their official announcement, Warner Bros. made no mention of any type of injury to Ben Affleck, merely citing the complex visual nature of the film as the reason for the delay. With the unconfirmed injury rumors still circulating online, Ben Affleck is scheduled to present at the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards tonight. It is Affleck's first scheduled public appearance since the injury rumors surfaced, so many comic book movie fans will be tuning in just to see if Affleck appears to be injured. If for some reason, Affleck cancels and doesn't show at the SAG Awards, then the injury rumors will likely continue to gain steam. If Affleck does show, fans will be watching closely to see if he shows any indication of being injured. If Affleck walks out on stage with no signs of a limp, then it should eliminate the leg injury rumors. However, with recent reports suggesting a rib injury, it might be difficult to judge Affleck's condition, unless he specifically addresses the rumors in his presentation. The 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards will air live January 18, 2014 at 8 p.m. EST on TNT and TBS.