Black Friday 2019: Get The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Blu-ray Box Set for $30


There is a huge Blu-ray sale happening at Best Buy with confirmed Black Friday prices, and one of the deals on tap is The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition 15-disc Blu-ray box set for only $29.99 with free shipping. That's just a few bucks off the lowest price that we've ever seen it sold for. Grab it here while you can, and keep in mind that The Hobbit Extended Edition set is only $39.99, which is also just a shade off an all-time low.

However, if you want to get both, head on over to Walmart because they're running a massive deal on the 6-film, 30-disc set that collects the extended editions of both trilogies for only $49.56. You can shop more of Walmart's Black Friday Blu-ray deals here.

The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition set includes 9 special features discs with over 26 hours of material including the rare Costa Botes documentaries. You can check out Best Buy's entire Black Friday Blu-ray sale right here. It includes some dirt cheap deals on movies and TV shows, exclusive Steelbooks, 4K UHD, and collections.


While we're on the subject of iconic book / movie franchises, Amazon is in the midst of a Black Friday week buy 2, get 1 free deal on a collection of several hundred books that includes dozens of Harry Potter titles. Among these titles you'll find all four of the illustrated editions that have been released thus far, a special edition box set, pop up books and more.

You can shop the entire book sale right here. To find all of the eligible Harry Potter books, simply search for Harry Potter in the the sale search bar. We've also collected some of the gems from the sale below.


Note the Amazon buy 2, get one free book sale includes a lot more than just Harry Potter, so head on over to the main sale page to shop them all.

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