Books of Blood Stars Reveal Their Real Thoughts on the Supernatural

The new horror film on Hulu Books of Blood was inspired by author Clive Barker's series of short stories, though the anthology film also features a direct adaptation of his story "The Book of Blood," with that sequence starring Anna Friel and Rafi Gavron. The narrative focuses on a grieving woman who is visited by a man claiming he can talk to spirits, which includes relaying messages from her recently deceased son. Both the characters and the audience are left to wonder if the figure is a con man trying to exploit the woman, or if his impressive abilities really are supernatural in nature. Both Friel and Gavron recently weighed in on how they really feel about otherworldly events.

"I think there are certain people who have been able to tap into using certain parts of their brain that other people can't," Friel shared with "We've seen objects being moved and we've seen people predict certain aspects of the future, but I think there are people who prey on the vulnerable and use that and they claim to be able to do these remarkable things. I don't not believe in anything, we're one tiny, tiny planet in a ginormous universe and I hope there's more than things and I hope our souls go somewhere. In the meantime, we can create our own narrative and say what we think happens. You don't want to be bad in this life, if Books of Blood is to be taken as gospel."

Gavron noted, "It's the same concept for me, which is, I normally respond to it as horsesh-t, but at the same time, I can't prove that that's not the case. And I agree with Anna in that, maybe not a sixth sense but a fifth sense, almost, where people are incredibly observant and in tune in a way that is actually less supernatural and more scientific that that ends up presenting as supernatural, because it's so far beyond what the average person can do, as far as tapping in."

Despite not fully believing in these supernatural occurrences, Friel revealed that she even had her own encounter with the unknown.

"Me and my dad, I remember we tried to find every scientific answer possible, there was a little brass bell and my father and I, and I was about 10, we were just watching TV, and it just moved from one side to the other and my dad's a huge skeptic and we both just went, 'Okay, but how did that happen?'" the actress recalled. "Thinking of frequencies of the television, and there was no reason or rhyme."


Books of Blood is now available on Hulu.

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