Brian K. Vaughan Signs Overall Deal With Legendary

Legendary Entertainment have inked Saga creator Brian K. Vaughan to a three-year overall deal to [...]

Legendary Entertainment have inked Saga creator Brian K. Vaughan to a three-year overall deal to develop content for the studio.

Deadline reports that under the deal, Legendary will develop a number of Vaughan's creator-owned comics, which also include Private Eye and Y the Last Man...although Y is already in development with FX and will not fall under the Legendary umbrella.

"Through truly inspired storytelling, Brian has created immersive, compelling worlds that are devoured by fans worldwide," said Nick Pepper, President of Legendary Television Studios. "We couldn't be more thrilled to work with Brian to bring his visions and extraordinary library of work to the screen."

"Legendary was instrumental in helping to revolutionize the way the world thought of 'comic-book movies,' so it's a tremendous honor to work with them on adaptations of some of my and my talented collaborators' past and current comics, and I'm looking forward to hopefully creating a few wholly original stories with them, as well," said Vaughan in a statement.

Legendary was instrumental in developing Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy as well as the Superman reboot Man of Steel with Warner Bros. before signing an exclusive deal with Universal.

Legendary does not own much of its own intellectual property, but has created a comic book division in which they can develop new properties as well as create tie-in comics for their existing movies. Comic book tie-ins to Kong: Skull Island and Pacific Rim have come out of Legendary Comics, as well as original titles like Holy Terror by Frank Miller and Annihilator by Grant Morrison and Frazer Irving.

On the feature film side, right now Legendary is developing the licensed projects Godzilla vs. Kong and Dune. For TV, they are producing Lost in Space as well as the original Amazon series Carnival Row from Pacific Rim co-writer Travis Beacham.

In addition to Y the Last Man and continuing to work in comics, Vaughan serves as a consultant on Runaways, a Marvel series based on a comic he wrote there under a work-for-hire deal. Saga is always rumored to be in the early stages of devleopment but has not really gotten off the ground yet. Other Vaughan projects to get Hollywood traction over the years have included Pride of Baghdad and Paper Girls.