Cam Newton Quotes Bane From The Dark Knight Rises in Hype Video

Cam Newton, the former Carolina Panthers superstar who yesterday signed a pricey, incentive-laden [...]

Cam Newton, the former Carolina Panthers superstar who yesterday signed a pricey, incentive-laden deal to play for a year with the New England Patriots, took to social media today to release a new hype video, showing off his training regimen. Along the way, he gave fans a little bit of philosophy -- from The Dark Knight Rises villain Bane. As you might expect, given how popular the speech has become, Newton quoted the "molded by darkness" speech that Bane delivers to Bruce Wayne when he throws him down into a hole from which he does not expect the Batman to escape after breaking his back.

The video includes the audio from the film (as well as seeing Newton quote part of it to the camera at one point). It also features a lot of quick cuts and showy athleticism intended to get Newton's fans (and Patriots fans) hyped for next football season.

You can check it out below.

Bane is a bit of a shift from Newton's other DC fave, Superman. Before Cam Newton's trademark celebration was the 'Dab," the quarterback would find the end zone and strike a Superman pose. At the end of his remarktable 2015-2016 season, Newton's shoes during a Super Bowl 50 press conference paid homage to his Superman love, too; he was wearing Under Armour Curry Twos with a custom design. The shoes feature Carolina Panthers logos on their outer sides, but beneath a zipper on the tongue of the shoe were a few hidden Superman logos.

Back in 2013, Cam Newton was one of the stars turned into Freaks, a comic book created jointly by DC Comics and Gatorade and released free on the Gatorade website. Here's how his character was described at the time:

Newton, as his alter ego "The Blender," is a multi-faceted athlete who can hurt opponents with his arm and legs. In his tale, Newton tells a young fan to take his advice and not to replicate his favorite athletes, but to learn from them and adapt their styles to his abilities. Newton learned that lesson from his father at a young age and incorporated his favorite players' skills to become "The Blender."