Captain America 2 Considering Shooting In Wilmington, North Carolina

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A story broke way back in May is now starting to get picked up thanks to some independent confirmation by a North Carolina newspaper. In May, a source connected to the filming of Iron Man 3 told that Marvel Studios was considering filming parts of a number of upcoming productions such as Captain America 2 in Wilmington, North Carolina. Now, according to StarNews Online, a North Carolina state representative is trying to get the state film incentive extended. Why? Because "extending the credit could help North Carolina score the sequel to Marvel Studios' 2011 film Captain America: The First Avenger." The article also mentions that Marvel Studios is pushing for the legislation. So if the legislation passes, it's a pretty good bet that Captain America 2 will do extensive filming in Wilmington, North Carolina. And after Captain America 2, it's also very likely Wilmington could become a regular shooting ground for parts of other future Marvel Studios films, as long as the tax incentives keep getting renewed.