Charlie Hunnam: Four Movies He Could Do Instead Of Fifty Shades Of Grey

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With the surprising news that Charlie Hunnam has dropped out of Fifty Shades Of Grey, the Internet is already starting to question the reason why. Universal's statement pointed to Hunnam's hectic TV schedule, but as many have pointed out, his shooting schedule with Sons Of Anarchy would likely have been worked out before he agreed to play Christian Grey. Others are also speculating that Hunnam dropped out because of the controversial subject matter of the movie, but he would also likely have read the book the movie is based on before signing onto the role. Another potential piece of speculation is that he dropped out for another film role. Hunnam has been rumored for a number of other film projects, so it wouldn't be surprising if he landed another highly-coveted role, which might have been in conflict with Fifty Shades Of Grey. Here is our speculation on movies that Hunnam might do instead of Fifty Shades Of Grey. FlashA rumor awhile back suggested that Warner Bros. developed some Flash conceptual art using Charlie Hunnam's likeness. It's also been rumored that Warner Bros. is planning a Flash movie for 2016. Warner Bros. also probably wouldn't like the thought of an actor associated with one of their superheroes playing Christian Grey. Justice League Dark – In addition to the Flash, it was also rumored that Warner Bros. might be looking at Hunnam for the role of John Constantine in a Justice League Dark movie. Guillermo del Toro is the director attached to Justice League Dark, and Hunnam worked with him on Pacific Rim. If del Toro came calling, would Hunnam say no? Pacific Rim 2 – Even though Pacific Rim had a disappointing U.S. box office opening, the film did very well at the international box office. With over $400 million at the worldwide box office, the possibility of a Pacific Rim sequel has gone from unlikely to a very real possibility. Star Wars: Episode VII – While there has been nothing to tie Hunnam to Star Wars Episode VII, it appears as if virtually every major actor and actress in Hollywood has been called in to audition at some point. It might actually be surprising if Hunnam hasn't auditioned. He kind of fits the same look of some of the other actors that have been rumored to have auditioned. While Hunnam may or may not have been approached about roles in any of the movies above, it could also be that he realized going forward with the Christian Grey role might have made it difficult for him to get cast in other movies in the future. Having had success in the action genre, Hunnam is an actor that could be recruited for a highly-coveted superhero role or even a future Star Wars role. However, some of the studios behind those type of pictures might be reluctant to cast him in those roles if they feared their family audiences might associate him with Christian Grey.