Chris Hemsworth And Tom Holland Strike A Spider-Man Pose


While we won't be seeing Thor and Spider-Man in a movie together any time soon, we will see the actors burdened with portraying the two Marvel heroes together in this month's, In The Heart Of The Sea.

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland, who play the God of Thunder and web-slinger, respectively, have been touring the globe promoting their new film. The two have acknowledged the Marvel Cinematic Universe connection in a recent post on Hemsworth's Instagram.

Heading to Madrid with my mate Peter Parker for #intheheartoftheseapremiere @tomholland2013

A photo posted by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) on

Thor and Peter Parker posing as Spider-Man. How about that?

The first time we could see the two cross paths would likely be Avengers: Infinity War - Part One, where the rest of the Avengers will have introduce the two heroes, with Spider-Man set to debut in Captain America: Civil War in May of next year.

There's always the possibility of Thor making a trip to Earth for Spider-Man's solo film in 2017 - but let's not get carried away.


In The Heart Of The Sea hits theaters December 11, 2015. Captain America: Civil War releases May 6, 2016 and Thor's next adventure, Thor: Ragnarok is set for release July 28, 2017.

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