'Danger Girl' Script To Be Penned By 'Black List' Writer

It looks like the live-action adaptation of Danger Girl is one step closer to hitting the big [...]

It looks like the live-action adaptation of Danger Girl is one step closer to hitting the big screen.

Constantin Films has enlisted Umair Aleem to write the screenplay for Danger Girl, according to The Wrap.

Danger Girl is based off of the fan-favorite comic series of the same name, and follows Abbey Chase, who is reluctantly recruited by a secret spy organization, she teams with fellow operatives Sydney Savage and Natalia Kasstle to locate a series of mystical objects and keep them out of the hands of the criminal enterprise The Hammer Syndicate.

Aleem is best known for writing the script to the action-thriller Kate, which made it onto the 2017 Black List of best unproduced scripts. Kate follows a female hitwoman who has twenty-four hours to figure out who mysteriously poisoned her before she dies. (Think the female version of Jason Statham's Crank.) Kate was recently sold to Netflix with a production commitment and a $25 million budget.

With that in mind, it isn't too hard to see why Aleem is being brought on to Danger Girl, although an argument can be certainly made for bringing a female writer on board (especially considering today's news around DC's Batgirl film.)

Danger Girl, from J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell, debuted under the Wildstorm banner in 1996, before moving to DC Comics, and later to IDW Comics. The series has become a beloved property in the years since its debut, spawning video games, various pieces of merchandise, and a crossover with Batman. A film adaptation was initially planned by New Line, with Blade's Stephen Norrington attached to direct.

The project will be overseen by Bolt Pictures (the Resident Evil franchise) and Prime Universe Films (the Hitman franchise). Jeremy Bolt, Adrian Askarieh, and Robert Kulzer will executive produce, alongside Campbell and Hartnell.

"Danger Girl is the perfect opportunity to create a team of grounded, relatable, and dangerous young female characters," added Bolt, "but with humor and spectacular action."

"I have been a fan of Danger Girl for more than 20 years," Askarieh explained, "and the idea of being part of the team to finally bring Scott's and Andy's iconic creation to the screen is incredibly exciting."

There is no word when either adaptation of Danger Girl is set to hit the screen, but this news about a screenwriter is certainly a step in the right direction. ComicBook.com will provide updates about Danger Girl as they become available.