Danny Trejo Helps Save Baby Trapped in Overturned Car

Danny Trejo might be known for portraying some pretty serious antagonists on the big screen, but the beloved actor recently served as a bonafide hero for one family. According to a new report from ABC7 Los Angeles, Trejo helped rescue a special-needs baby from being trapped in an overturned car in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Sylmar.

The Machete and The Flash star happened to be in the area on Wednesday afternoon, just as two cars collided, leaving one car overturned onto its roof with the young boy stuck inside its car seat. Trejo proceeded to crawl into the wrecked vehicle, and was able to free the baby from its car seat with the help of another bystander.

Trejo, who has worked with special-needs children in the past, reportedly stayed on the scene to keep the young child calm, while firefighters worked to free the boy's grandmother from the car.

"He was panicked." Trejo explained. "I said OK we have to use our superpowers. So he screamed 'superpowers' and we started yelling 'superpowers.' I said do this, with the muscles. He said 'muscles.'"

"We got kind of a bond." Trejo continued. I kept facing him away from the accident."


According to The Los Angeles Fire Department, the wreck led to three people being transported to a hospital, but none of the victims had life-threatening injuries. While the cause of the accident remains under investigation, Trejo told ABC7 that he believed the other car involved in the wreck ran a red light.

"Pay attention," Trejo advised. "And the only thing that saved that little kid was his car seat, honest to God."