DC Fans Share Evidence They Say Proves Avengers: Endgame Copied Batman Animated Movie

The Marvel versus DC rivalry never seems to end, at least in terms of fans of both comics universes and the various media associated with them and that certainly extends to the movies. But we're not just talking about people preferring the DCEU to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We're talking about the sentiment among some DC fans that Avengers: Endgame directly lifted from a DC animated film, specifically 2009's Superman/Batman: Public Enemies and now, fans are sharing "evidence" of the theft of at least some key scenes.

On Twitter, @FatalJayShow shared essentially a "super cut" of moments from Superman/Batman Public Enemies and matched them to the similar scenes from Avengers: Endgame. You can check it out for yourself below.

"We keep trying to tell y'all, that Marvel jacks DC swag, maybe this will convince them," Fatal Jay writes.

Looking at the just over 30 second clip there are quite a few similarities, especially between Batman's rescue from an escape pod after the Dark Knight destroyed a meteor which would have destroyed Earth and Captain Marvel's rescue of Tony Stark after the life support systems on Benatar were running out. However, while the shots are very similar, some fans have pointed out that those are just a small fraction of scenes from both films and that of course they will look similar when heavily edited in that way. Still others pointed out that there are other films that have used similar framing so it's not necessarily "evidence" of anything. Still other fans pointed out that this rivalry -- and the implied swiping of ideas -- is just the creation of a certain subset of fans and that both Marvel and DC coexist in a way that one betters the other by way of friendly competition.


Ultimately, though, the argument that Marvel and DC have been copying each other is one that has gone one for years and likely will continue for years into the future. With similar characters, similar story concepts, and even talent in the industry who have created for both sides, it's natural that there will be some overlap in concepts, ideas, and even execution. One could even argue that the natural tendency for some stories to be similar is even more obvious in a genre that is already very specific. That said, it is interesting to ponder.

And that's where you come in. What do you think? Do you think this "super cut" is evidence that Marvel lifted ideas from Superman/Batman: Public Enemies or do you think this is just cinematic coincidence? Let us know your opinion in our comment section.