DC's Legends of Tomorrow Star Shayan Sobhian's Bigfoot Movie Released Online

DC's Legends of Tomorrow star Shayan Sobhian appears in a new short film titled Does Bigfoot Dream of Flowers, and you can watch it for free on YouTube. Released yesterday, the short was written by Sobhian and Max Mooney, an editor and indie filmmaker who also directed the short. It stars Sobhian alongisde Oona Roche (The Morning Show), and Ira Cortum (under heavy makeup, obviously) as Bigfoot. The story centers on a young couple tripping on mushrooms in the forest, who have a strange encounter with sasquatch. But is it real? Is it a trip? Honestly, it doesn't really matter.

The short is funny and heartfelt, and features a great performance by Sobhian, with minimal dialogue for most of its runtime. Cortum does a great job of emoting through all that makeup, and Roche serves as the short's anchor to reality, inasmuch as a short about meeting Bigfoot while on drugs can be.

You can see it below.

Strangely enough, psychadelic mushrooms seem to be a recurring motif in Sobhian's career. During season six of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, they played a pivotal role in the last couple of episodes. Later, we noticed that a song used in the season premiere had contained the phrase "tripping on mushrooms" in it, and asked executive producer Phil Klemmer whether they had known all along what the "twist" was.

"I'm glad you noticed that," Klemmer told ComicBook. "The word mushroom did appear in every episode subsequently. At a certain point, we realized that the metaphor of fungal networks and human connectivity and the Legends family was going to be the overarching theme. For the longest time, in the room, we would pitch the mushroom network as where we were going to end up. I think in the back of my head, it was always going to be too silly when we got to it, and we would pivot away, and that it was just going to remain a room joke....I think we thought that maybe it was a corny metaphor before the pandemic, but by the time we were that deep into it, we actually were all looking for some way to feel connected, so it stuck."

"In fact, we said mushroom in most of the episodes assuming our fans would eventually figure it out," Legends writer James Eagan added. "I don't think they did."

This predates all of that, thought, with the movie listed as having been released in 2020. Yesterday marked its first wide release, so it's likely the movie either took a long time to edit (as sometimes happens with independent films) or was winding its way through the pandemic-disrupted festival circuit before being released to the wider world.


You can catch Sobhian on Legends of Tomorrow. The latest episodes are available on The CW website, and season 7 is coming to Netflix soon.