Deadpool 2 Producers Fined $300K for On-Set Death of Stuntwoman Joi Harris

While still in production, the Ryan Reynolds starring Deadpool 2 was mired in tragedy after stuntwoman Joi Harris was killed on the set of the film in an accident. Harris was doubliing for Zazie Beetz' character Domino in the film and performing a stunt on a motorcycle. During the take she was was thrown from the bike after it crashed through a ground-floor studio at Shaw Tower. Reports from the set about the incident revealed that Harris, who was a professional road racer, practiced the scene multiple times without an issue, but lost control during the last take. It was also recorded that she did not wear a helmet for the stunt since Domino didn't wear one in the film.

Now, almost three years after the accident, WorkSafeBC (the Canadian equivalent of Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has issued a fine against one of the production companies of Deadpool 2. The office has issued a penalty totaling $289,562.63 against TCF Vancouver Productions Ltd., citing them for "Failure to ensure the health and safety of all workers," "Failure to ensure the health and safety of the stunt performer by failing to provide adequate supervision with respect to this work activity," and "Instructing the stunt performer not to wear safety headgear while operating the motorcycle," among other citations.

"The primary purpose of an administrative penalty is to motivate the employer receiving the penalty — and other employers — to comply with occupational health and safety requirements, and to keep their workplaces safe," WorkSafeBC wrote in a statement.

It's worth noting that this fine is one of the latest developments surrounding the accident to occur. 20th Century Fox previously settled with the family of Harris roughly a year ago for an undisclosed amount. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, the attorney for the Harris family previously said: "There was a whole issue of stunt driver safety, and the fact is the people at Fox were extremely concerned about that and it drove their decision-making. They dealt with this very responsibly."

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds expressed his sorrow for Harris' friends and family after the accident, writing in a statement: "We're heartbroken, shocked and devastated...but recognize nothing can come close to the grief and inexplicable pain her family and loved ones must feel in this moment. My heart pours out to them -- along with each and every person she touched in this world."


Deadpool 2's credits include a dedication to Harris, reading "In memory of Sequana Harris."