Dredd Report Viral Site Launches

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, a new viral marketing website that ties into the upcoming Lionsgate reboot of the Judge Dredd franchise Dredd 3D, launched today, complete with links to real-life news stories that seem oddly similar to the kinds of things that Mega City One might face down, images and even additional websites that tie directly into the film. A "Say No to Slo-Mo" campaign is attached to the site, which currently leads to the brilliant "Say No To Slo-Mo" public service announcement below and nothing else--but ultimately will likely be its own separate site. Slo-Mo is the fictional drug that Ma-Ma Madrigal sells in Dredd. And, yes, that PSA is actually pretty key to the film's story, which is either a nice touch, or destroys the reality of the film, depending upon how anal you are. If the columns of text and animated GIFs are a bit much for your eyes, you can follow the Dredd Report on Twitter, where they appear to be moving through the news stories more slowly.