Falcon and Winter Soldier Star Emily VanCamp Is Happy to Move Past the Captain America Kiss

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier dealt with the legacy of Steve Rogers quite a bit, as well as [...]

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier dealt with the legacy of Steve Rogers quite a bit, as well as the real truth behind the mantle of Captain America and the journey to a new Captain America as Sam Wilson moves into the role. Sam wasn't the only one embracing a new role though, as fans got to see what Sharon Carter was up to since we last saw her, and they were in for a surprise. Carter was revealed to be the mysterious Power Broker, and as we saw in the finale, she is now set up for big things moving forward in that role. In a new interview with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, Emily VanCamp talked about how fresh it was to move the character in a new direction, and that also meant finally moving past and putting to bed that Sharon Steve Rogers kiss from Captain America: Winter Soldier.

"Yeah, I mean I...well first all I thought that Sharon had sort of been put to bed, so it was really interesting to get the phone call that they wanted to bring her back and I was sort of, kind of like everyone else interested in how they wanted to do that and what this was all about really," VanCamp said. "And they gave us little snippets I think but for me, it was 'look we just want to revisit Sharon in a totally different way', and really kind of address everything that happened previously and why we haven't seen her for so long. So for me, that was very exciting, and obviously working with these guys is always so much fun so it was exciting but I think there were concerns with everyone as to how this was going to play out on the small screen and what that was going to look like and if the quality was going to be there and what the story was going to be. There were just so many questions and I think ultimately, I mean, it couldn't have turned out any better, and I'm glad everyone took that leap of faith."

That meant moving Sharon in a new direction and one that contains a lot of grey but also a direction that doesn't revolve around Rogers, and VanCamp enjoyed that new direction immensely.

"For Sharon, it was just so much fun to see her in a different light, and to kind of put the Steve Rogers of it all to bed and sort of move on in this new way, and of course we see that she's really gone to the dark side, but I enjoyed it so much," VanCamp said. "It was just great to revisit all of these characters and be a part of this."

That also meant moving past that infamous kiss between Carter and Rogers, and VanCamp couldn't be happier about that as well.

"I'm so glad about that, and I'm so glad like you say, the birth of that scene was really these two guys and their journey. We get to move past that and sort of delve into the characters in a different way, so it was a lot of fun," VanCamp said.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is available to stream on Disney+