Fantastic Four: Here's What Adam Driver Could Look Like as Doctor Doom

Creatives at Marvel Studios are actively working on Fantastic Four, the fourth attempt at a live-action franchise featuring Marvel's First Family. It's been no secret Kevin Feige and company want the film to be a solid-enough launch, given Fox's last attempt at a reboot resulted in one of the most widely-panned comic book films ever released. That means the cast will likely feature a mix of newcomers and A-list talent. Taking that and combining the fact recent reports suggest Adam Driver has met with the outfit in regards to a role, many are hoping to Star Wars alumnus will show up as Victor Von Doom.

Now, one dedicated Marvel fan has put their Photoshop skills to use, making a piece of fan art showing Driver wearing the iconic green hood and metal mask. See it for yourself below!

Who's going to be cast in Marvel's Fantastic Four reboot?

When we asked Feige last year what the makeup of the cast would look like, the producer confirmed it will likely feature a mixture of Hollywood newcomers and household names.

"I think the MCU is a beautiful combination of both (established actors and new faces)," Feige said. "I think you look no further than Simu in Shang-Chi, like Chris Hemsworth, like Tom Hiddleston, like Tom Holland, an actor that hadn't been seen by a tremendous amount of people before, or you have a Benedict stepping into Doctor Strange or Christian Bale stepping into Gor in our Thor film. It is always a beautiful combination of both, and it really is about the search for the best actor for the job whether that actor is known to the world yet or not."

When is Fantastic Four releasing?

As a part of the latest round of delays from Marvel Studios, Matt Shakman's Fantastic Four flick is now set to hit theaters on February 14, 2025 instead of its previous November 8, 2024 date. Shakman is currently developing the film alongside newcomers Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer.

Interestingly enough, reports suggest Kaplan and Springer may also be helping outline the films surrounding the Fantastic Four reboot, including Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars.