Marvel Reportedly Met With Adam Driver About Fantastic Four Role

Marvel Studios reportedly met with Star Wars Sequel Trilogy star Adam Driver about a role in Fantastic Four. That rumor comes by way The Hot Mic show (via Murphy's Multiverse); nothing was said about exactly who Marvel wanted Driver to play, or what decisions were made – only that the meeting happened months ago. Driver has relationships with Marvel Studios' parent company Disney, after headlining the Sequel Trilogy of Star Wars films as Kylo Ren (aka Ben Solo), the successor to Darth Vader and son of Han of Solo and Princess Leia. Driver's casting in Star Wars was a departure from his typical lane of roles, but he certainly made Kylo Ren/Ben Solo an iconic character alongside the Star Wars greats. 

Who Would Adam Driver Play In Marvel's Fantastic Four?


All that talk about how much Adam Driver did with the Kylo Ren/Ben Solo character in Star Wars is an introduction to say that it would be an easy guess to say that Marvel would be interested in having him play the pivotal franchise villain role of Doctor Doom. 

Victor Von Doom is one of the most complicated, cunning, and powerful villains in the Marvel Comics Universe, and fans have long been wondering when the Marvel Cinematic Universe would see the character arrive, following the Disney-Fox merger. The casting of Doom is key – not only for the 2025 Fantastic Four reboot but for the upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars event and any other number of possible crossover/cameo appearances. Marvel knows that Driver can deliver gravitas and menace from behind a mask – a key talent needed for Doom's character. 


On the other hand, Adam Driver is now famous enough to also headline a Marvel franchise. Despite fans' wishes (John Krasinski) or long-standing rumors (Penn Badgley), Marvel could pull the unexpected move of casting some like Driver as Reed Richards (aka Mister Fantastic), another key figure in Marvel lore, well beyond the Fantastic Four franchise. Driver would be an especially interesting choice if Marvel Studios leans into Reed Richard's alt-reality persona The Maker, a darker take on the character Driver would probably excel at. 

In the end, if this rumor is true, it feels like a 50/50 toss-up about whether or not Adam Driver would sign-on for another big multi-year franchise role. There will be plenty of fans hoping he will after this rumor, no doubt... 

Marvel's Fantastic Four will be in theaters on February 14, 2025.