Fantastic Four Photo Shoot Behind-The-Scenes Video Released


20th Century Fox's Fantastic Four may have to change their name to "The Fine Four."

The cast for Josh Trank's upcoming Fantastic Four reboot got all kinds of flashy in a recent photo shoot for the film. In conjunction with the shoot, Fantastic Four also released a behind-the-scenes video detailing the gorgeous group's photo op. Below, Miles Teller (Mr. Fantastic), Michael B. Jordan(The Human Torch), Kate Mara (Invisible Woman), Jamie Bell (The Thing), and Toby Kebbell (Dr. Doom) strike their suavest poses for a video that will probably make the Mole Man cry himself to sleep for the rest of his life.

Even if superhero costumes are undeniably cool, we suppose this video disproves the theory that the suit makes the man (or woman).

Fantastic Four hits theaters on August 7.