Five DC Comics Movie Crossovers We Want To See

With the revelation earlier this week that Shazam will take place in a shared continuity with [...]

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With the revelation earlier this week that Shazam will take place in a shared continuity with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, we figured there wasn't a better time to think about what crossover movie series we might see or enjoy in the next several years.

Of course, Batman V Superman has the biggest one...and then bonus points for Wonder Woman. So...who's next?

Well, here are some (often offbeat) ideas...!


Suicide Squad and the Outsiders

When you've got a group of street-level villains including The Joker and Harley Quinn, they're probably small potatoes for the Justice League...but obviously Batman will have an interest. Who might Task Force X bump up against?

Well, what about Batman and the Outsiders? Who's to say Batman, who is older and has had a bit more experience than the rest of the superheroes in the cinematic universe, doesn't have a little group of his own on the side?

It could be fun to see who makes a big-screen version of the Outsiders, and how they might interact with Suicide Squad...especially if the Squad aren't entirely villainous.

Flash/Green Lantern

The Flash/Green Lantern

On film, Green Lantern/Green Arrow probably wouldn't work as well as it did on the printed page...but as we've seen, GL is so steeped in science fiction that it can be problematic trying to introduce him to novice viewers at times. It's probably helpful to give him a more grounded character to bounce off of.

Enter The Flash.

There was a rumor, shortly before DC announced their film slate, that the pair would share the big screen ahead of Justice League, but not only are they not currently scheduled for a team-up movie...Justice League is coming sooner than anyone thought.

Doesn't mean we can't have them team up after JLA, though...!



This one's been done as an animated film, and it was pretty enjoyable.

One of the problems with Shazam is that so few non-comics-readers can figure out just what it is that makes him special. You have to really get your fingernails dirty a little bit to see just how different he is from Superman, and putting the two of them together on screen, where they'd be seen by millions at once, would probably "fix" that forever. So that's a start.

Also, who doesn't want to see Superman fight The Rock?

2512041-superman gen 13 2000 3b

Superman/Gen 13

You know what? With Suicide Squad in the mix and Superman's somewhat contentious relationship with the military in Man of Steel, it could be interesting -- and a cool way to introduce Wildstorm characters to the DC Universe -- if Supes were to encounter Gen 13, Team 7 or some other group of government-created/sanctioned/monitored supers from the Wildstorm universe.

Bringing in characters with an entirely different tone and sensibility could be a way to reinvigorate the superhero movie if, in another five years, people are starting to get desensitized by all the insanity coming up on the Marvel and DC film slates.


Crisis on Infinite Earths

This is the big one, of course: We'd love to see a Crisis on Infinite Earths-style story that would allow the Justice League to discover their other-universe counterparts, from the Justice Society to even just the characters on The Flash, Arrow and other TV series that have driven the popularity of some of DC's characters in the past.

Wildly expensive, a little bit insane...could it happen? Well, we'd say no...but X-Men: Days of Future Past did something not entirely unlike it and that movie was awesome.