New Ryan Reynolds' Free Guy Movie Photos Released

Free Guy does not currently have a release date but the Ryan Reynolds movie is still steadily aboard the hype train. A couple of new photos from the movie show Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer in action as their video game characters. The name of the game in Free Guy is a story about a non-playable video game character who aimlessly spends their days working at a bank which is always robbed as a part of the game's story. The movie is directed by Stranger Things genius Shawn Levy. It was scheduled to be released in December but is currently seeking a later date.

"I always look at like, sports movies are good metaphors," Reynolds said during a virtual Free Guy press conference attended by 'The greatest sports movies ever made are not actually about sports. Field of Dreams, I wouldn't characterize that as a baseball story. They used baseball as a vehicle to tell a really beautiful story about a son and a father trying to connect. And I think that we're doing the same thing. We're using the video game world, the Free City world and video game culture, as a sort of a vehicle to tell this really beautiful and powerful human story."

Check out the photo below of Reynolds and Comer in action from Free Guy below.

(Photo: Disney / 20th Century)

The film includes a heavy dose of improv, which director Shawn Levy was proud of in how his cast was able to work together.

"We realized if you have Joe Keery and Jodie Comer in the same movie, man, someone just get out of the way," Levy explained. "Write for that, set them up to do their thing, and get out of the way. And so Ryan and I would commute back and forth from our shoot in Boston to New York, and we would sit side by side on a train and we would rewrite all of the Jodie/Joe scenes so that the kind of friendship story of these two young game designers and code writers could really move to center stage in the film as well.”

Below, Levy is seen direction Reynolds and Comer.

(Photo: Disney / 20th Century)

Free Guy does not yet have a release date.

(Photos via GamesRadar)