Frozen II Becomes Sixth Disney Movie to Cross a Billion at the Box Office This Year

Disney's already had the best year at the box office for a single movie studio and it keeps getting better for the Burbank-based outfit. Thanks to another solid weekend in theaters, Frozen 2 has crossed the billion-dollar mark, giving Disney its sixth billion-dollar movie of the year. In total, the box office saw eight movies cross the massive benchmark — the six entries from Disney plus Spider-Man: Far From Home ($1.66 billion WW) and Joker ($1.06B WW) from Sony and Warner Brothers, respectively.

The six movies from Disney include Avengers: Endgame ($2.8B), The Lion King ($1.66B), Captain Marvel ($1.13B), Toy Story 4 ($1.07B), Aladdin ($1.05B), and Frozen 2 ($1.03). The next closest movie is Universal's Hobbs & Shaw, which topped out with a worldwide haul of $758.9 million.

The thing is — Disney's not quite done with their 2019 offerings just yet. This coming weekend will feature the debut of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, another movie that's all but guaranteed to pass the $1B mark. If it performs like Endgame, it could end up earning $1B this weekend. If it performs like it's immediate predecessor in The Last Jedi, it likely won't cross the threshold this year. The latest industry tracking suggests The Rise of Skywalker will have a domestic opening around $200m, steadily below Endgame's $357m domestic total.

Despite another monstrous box office for the Frozen franchise, the follow-up fell cooler with critics.'s Charlie Ridgely gave the film a three-star rating, saying it didn't necessarily live up to the hype. "Frozen 2 is a tale of two halves," he wrote. "Fortunately for everyone, the better of those two halves comes second and leaves you feeling mostly fulfilled when walking out of the theater. None of it is nearly as warm or magical as the original Frozen, but there's a certain charm to be found in the bold and dark adventure late in the film that still makes it worth the journey."

Frozen 2 is now playing in theaters.


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