Jason Reitman's Ghostbusters 3 Is a Love Letter to the Franchise, Fans and Father Ivan Reitman

An emotional moment between father and son filmmakers Ivan and Jason Reitman ended Ghostbusters Fan Fest, where the younger Reitman revealed key details about his "love letter" sequel to Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II.

"You're the greatest storyteller I know, and I'm the luckiest son on Earth. I feel so intimidated to make this film, but I'm making it for all of you guys," Reitman told an assemblage of fans — most of them clad in Ghostbuster gear — before turning to his father.

"But most of all, I'm making it for you, and I love you."

A warm embrace between father and son ended the sitdown, which climaxed with the senior Reitman growing misty-eyed when reflecting on the 1984 hit comedy on its 35th anniversary.

"We had all made some pretty successful movies by then, and we knew that this was kind of an all-star group working together," Reitman said of stars Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and the late Harold Ramis.

"And we were all kind of young, we were all in our thirties, and so... I can't, I'm sorry," the 72-year-old filmmaker said, overcome with emotion. He was met with a standing ovation from the crowd.

His son had earlier said the new movie — which unearthed unused footage from the 1984 original, which can for the first time be found on a two-movie anniversary set available June 11 — recruited an advisory board of talent who worked on the original Ghostbusters to make sure that the "right film" gets made.

"I feel like part of making what we call GB20, the next one, is a form of archeology. It is oddly in many ways an archaeological film," Jason said.

"And we are kind of looking through the past — and I've been asking myself all the time — 'What is it that makes it a Ghostbusters movie? What makes a Ghostbusters ghost a Ghostbusters ghost?' So getting to see this original footage has been extraordinary. It's been like finding the hidden opening to a pyramid."

The Juno and Thank You for Smoking filmmaker — who said he thought he was "gonna be this indie dude who makes Sundance movies" — long denied he would follow in his father's footsteps and spook a new generation with his own Ghostbusters.

"I was just terrified of the idea of making a Ghostbusters movie. I, like every child that has ever lived, have run from their parents' shadow," Reitman said.

"And it was a very intimidating thing. My father is the greatest storyteller I know and made movies that defined my childhood" — Ivan wiped his eyes again — "so the idea of being a director myself was a very scary decision."

Jason then thanked his father for "making this incredible movie that has brought people from around the world here today."

When opening the event, a beaming Ivan proudly introduced his son, who with Gil Kenan (Monster House, Poltergeist) penned an "extraordinary" script — an introduction that won enthusiastic approval from producer and franchise architect Aykroyd.


"You may have heard that a very fine director has written this extraordinary script," Reitman said. "It has really blown us all away, blown Sony away, and he's gonna deliver this extraordinary movie for 2020."

Ghostbusters '20 busts into theaters July 10, 2020.