Godmothered Stars Reveal Biggest Performance Fears

The cast of Godmothered comes together for an inspiring story of optimism and bravery with the Disney+ movie. In doing so, Jillian Shea Spaeder, Jillian Bell, and Isla Fisher find themselves in roles that call for performative moments within the acting performances themselves. On more than one occasion, characters are singing to strangers and large crowds, which called for performing on set in front of the traditional cast and crew but also large numbers of extras. However, these are not the moments which stand out as the most nerve-racking in this enthusiastic cast's memories. Each of them have quite different ideas of what makes a performance intimidating, actually.

Fisher, Bell, and Spaeder talked with ComicBook.com ahead of the release of Godmothered, where they opened up about nerve-racking moments in their lives and careers which are enough to make even the grandest extroverts sweat. See the full interview in the video above!

"I'm just gonna jump out and say when I started a new school, age six in Australia they play a game called Bingo where you put a little, I don't know, you guys know Bingo," Fisher recalls. "Anyway, I sat down at my desk and the last thing you wanna do age six at a new school is standout. And I won Bingo right off the bat. Like all my numbers were called and I obviously just sat there pretending I hadn't won Bingo but everyone around was like, 'She won Bingo, you won Bingo!' I was like, 'No, I didn't win, I didn't win!' And then I had to stand up and walk to the front of the class. And it wasn't a performance per se but it was a moment where I had just would have done anything to have the floor swallow me up."

Nothing like a little too much attention for a Bingo win! Bell's terrifying memory is quite different, pitting her across from an acclaimed Hollywood actor where she seemingly couldn't keep it together.

"I was in a movie. I'm nervous just talking about this right now," Bell said. "I had to come in and just shoot one scene. It was like six hours of one day, but it was opposite Benicio Del Toro in Inherent Vice. I'm a big Benicio Del Toro fan and I ruined most of the takes. So that was a moment, right now, my hands are sweating."

In Godmothered, it is Jillian Shea Spaeder who ultimately has the biggest audience for her performances on set, but those are not the moments which get to the 18-year-old. Instead, it is the seemingly less crucial, not so bright of a spotlight moments which make her the most nervous!

"What's funny is like my most nervous performances are the things that I'm least relevant in," Spaeder says. "I think when I'm a lead in something I'm not scared at all but for some reason when I'm on like a set and like there's a live studio audience and I'm doing a guest star role and I have one line I'm like, and I would freak out when there's one line to remember. And I'm like, 'What's the one line?' And I'm running it and running it and running it. But for some reason when I'm a lead, it doesn't bother me."


What is the most nerve-racking moment in any sort of performance from your life? Drop it in the comments or send it my way on Instagram!

Godmothered is available on Disney+ on December 4.