Guardians of the Galaxy: Highlights From Today's Q&A

Guardians of the Galaxy

To celebrate the release of the film's second trailer, the director and some cast members of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy gathered on Facebook this afternoon to perform a Q&A with fans. While obviously no huge reveals typically get made during these kinds of public forums, it's always worth taking a look at what the talent behind these films has to say in the run-up to release, and in the case of Guardians, which is considered a key release for Marvel, getting a sense for the feel and aim of the movie could be enlightening. Check out some highlights from today's Q&A session below. Guardians of the Galaxy James GunnWhat is the most beautiful scene in this movie? James Gunn:  I don't want to give it away, but it's with Groot. Hooray for our visual effects team! Are there any particular Guardians of the Galaxy comic arcs you recommend people read before seeing the movie? Gunn: I recommend they read all the Abnett Lanning comics or, heck, go in fresh. It makes sense whether or not you've read the comics. What was the biggest challenge to bring this team to life considering they're not as well known as Iron Man or Captain America? Kevin Feige: The fact that they were less well-known appealed to us and while every film is a challenge, we were excited by the fact that they weren't well known and made us want to make the film. Whose idea was it to put "you're welcome" on the first poster? Feige: That was an idea out of our brilliant marketing dept, Steve Nuchols and John Sabel. Two words that perfectly encompassed the Guardians. gog-karen-gillanKaren, What was it like shaving your hair for your role? What was your reaction when seeing yourself for the first time after it was shaved? Karen Gillan: I fell asleep for two hours in the chair while they cut it off. When I first woke up, I was fine and then when I woke up the next morning I was like WHATTTT! Though I know it is your sworn duty to stay as true to this comic book as possible, not taking away from that - Will we be absolutely sure to see little undeniable twinges of Jamesgunnery that solidify, identify, and make YOUR movies what they are? Gunn: The movie is as much James Gunn as it is Marvel. We remain true to the SPIRIT of the comic. And I'm lucky to have a lot of similarities to Abnett Lanning. Would you rather fight one Groot-sized Rocket Raccoon, or ten Rocket Raccoon-sized Groots? Gunn: Definitely one Groot-sized Rocket - Groot is way too powerful, unless the Groot-sized Rocket has a huge gun, then I'm screwed. And he's not a raccoon. Guardians_of_the_Galaxy_Vol_2_1_TextlessWas there any kind of specific influences when shooting this movie? Gunn: So many. One of the biggest influences was - and no one is going to expect this answer - Magritte's Empire of Light paintings. I was also very influenced by many of the great space epics and science fiction films AND westerns like the films of Sergio Leone. Not to mention of course the comics, especially Abnett and Lanning and Jim Starlin. For James Gunn: How important would you say your Troma days were in helping you get ready to direct a movie of this size? Any lessons learned then you applied to the filming of GotG? Gunn: Well, I went to Troma and worked in the field instead of going to film school. I learned every aspect of making films from casting to location scouting to directing to editing to marketing. It was a great overall education. But what really helped me with a film of this size was, honestly, Chuck Roven the producer, grooming me to direct A list films on the set of Scooby Doo. I owe him a lot. Marvel Movies are EPIC. What was your reaction to getting a part in the movie from a studio that people have come to expect so much from? Dave Bautista: The simple answer to my reaction is: tears of joy. I was driving down the street and my manager and my agent called me and I broke down in tears. I screamed at the top of my lungs: "YES!" Then I thought: "Is there any way they could change their minds?" Is there going to be any mention of Drax's past in the movie or Rocket's adventures on Halfworld? Or even better if the Hulk has had interaction with Rocket before like in the comics? Gunn: We find out a little about their pasts. No Hulk in this movie, sorry. What was the most challenging thing about getting into character? Vin Diesel: It was very personal- it was the month after the accident happened with my brother Paul Walker and it was the first time I had worked since. Although it was challenging, just to get back to work was therapeutic- especially as Groot. There was an innocence about the character that was just refreshing- and it may have been more challenging under other circumstances, but at that time, it was very therapeutic. Will we see Mystique in the post-credits sequence? Gunn: NOPE. dave-bautista-as-drax-the-destroyer-guardians-of-the-galaxyDave Bautista, who do you take into a fight with you, Groot or Quill? Bautista: I'd probably take Groot, but Drax would probably take Quill. Drax really admires Quill — I think he has a bit of a man crush. How does the experience in wrestling help you in your fight scenes? Bautista: You'd think they'd be similar, but they're not much. I really trust in the stuntmen and take their advice: Sometimes things feel right, but don't look right on film. In wrestling, we're working more for the audience and not worrying about how it looks on camera. James there is so much great work you have done in the past. What was the factor that enticed you to take on Guardians? Gunn: I love raccoons, Marvel comics, and space operas. How could I pass this up? When would I give another chance. At one point in time our producers Jeremy Latcham and Jonathan Scwartz thought I was biologically engineered to make this movie. It's everything I love. Guardians of the Galaxy Hooked On A FeelingWhy was "Hooked On A Feeling" used in the previous trailer ? Gunn: "Hooked on a Feeling" is one of the songs on Quill's mixed cassette tape - the last reminder he has of his childhood on earth. The music is also a way to keep us grounded in this out of the world space epic. We have lots of cool songs - more will be revealed soon! Chris Pratt, what's your favorite song on the Walkman? Chris Pratt: "O-o-h Child" by Five Stairsteps- which wasn't my favorite right out of the gate but after listening to the album so many times over and over while getting in shape that's the one song that has the right tempo for running quickly. Gillan: Good question! Blue Swede's "Hooked on a Feeling." Would The Doctor get along with this bunch of a-holes? Gillan: The Doctor gets along with anyone, especially a-holes. For James and Kevin: Was there ever a time when you had very opposing visions on a scene or character and how did you resolve that issue? Gunn: Every day. But the great thing about Kevin and me working together is that neither one of us have big egos about what we're doing. What's important is always creating the best movie possible, not getting what we want just because we think we're right. The truth is we agree 99% of the time. Those times that we don't, we talk about it, argue about it. Usually one of us wins the argument (our editors Fred Raskin and Craig Wood are often a part of these arguments). In those times no one wins we screen both versions and see what the audiences think. But, again, this has been over relatively minor stuff. Also, I trust Kevin on a lot of big issues and I think he trusts me a lot when it comes to comedy and character stuff. It's a really fun and enlivening partnership. James Gunn, why couldn't the movie be any longer? Did you film everything you really wanted to? Gunn: Yes. The movie is just what I want it to be.