Halloween Kills Director Reveals Movie Will Revisit an Iconic Location From the Original Halloween

After revisiting the usually sleepy town of Haddonfield, Illinois, Halloween director David Gordon [...]

After revisiting the usually sleepy town of Haddonfield, Illinois, Halloween director David Gordon Green teases a return to another iconic location in Halloween Kills. The 40-years-later sequel to John Carpenter's original Halloween brought back Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) as the traumatized survivor of slayings that occurred on Halloween night 1978, where escaped mental patient Michael Myers (Nick Castle) embarked on a killing spree ultimately halted by his former psychiatrist, Dr. Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasence). Set loose after spending the last four decades institutionalized, the masked murderer (James Jude Courtney) was hunted down and seemingly burned alive by Laurie when Michael again stalked Haddonfield in 2018's Halloween.

During a #HalloweenAtHome viewing party event conducted on Twitter Saturday, Green confirmed Halloween Kills will revisit the Myers house. It was there a six-year-old Michael (Will Sandin) committed his first murder, repeatedly stabbing his 17-year-old sister Judith (Sandy Johnson).

Green's Halloween, a direct sequel to Carpenter's original, scrubbed away nine other films in the franchise by ruling them non-canon. The Myers house previously appeared in the first Halloween and its 1981 sequel taking place on the same night before being depicted as long-abandoned in 1989's Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers.

In 1995's Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, the house was home to Laurie's uncle, John Strode (Bradford English), and his family. The location featured most prominently in 2002's Halloween: Resurrection, where entrepreneur Freddie Harris (Busta Rhymes) launched an internet reality show documenting every move of multiple Haddonfield University students who unwittingly became Michael's prey by spending a night in the prolific killer's childhood home.

"I really can't say anything about it, but I am really excited about it," Halloween Kills co-writer Scott Teems said in a recent interview. "I saw a rough cut of it a few weeks ago, and I'm a little biased, but my gut says that people that like the last one will be very excited about this one. It's like the first one on steroids, I guess. It really is the bigger, badder, meaner version of the first one."

Produced by Blumhouse and starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andy Matichak, Anthony Michael Hall, and returning Halloween stars Charles Cyphers and Kyle Richards, Halloween Kills is scheduled to open October 16 and will be followed by Halloween Ends on October 15, 2021.