Harry Potter Film Concert Series Announced

(Photo: WB)

Whether your favorite composition is from a galaxy far, far, away, warns you of your need for a bigger boat, or makes you believe a man can fly, your cinematic life has surely been touched by the music of John Williams. While there are already concert series centered on the prolific composer, CineConcerts and Warner Brothers Consumer Products are creating a new, unique experience designed for Harry Potter fans with music as its focus.

The new Harry Potter Concert Series will go from film to film, as announced on Variety. Starting with the first, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, the Concert Series will air the entire film for audiences with a live symphony orchestra providing the score over the movie's existing sounde effects and dialogue.

"The Harry Potter Film Concert Series" kicks off June 23, 2016 at Philadelphia Mann Center for the Performing Arts with the Philadelphia Orchestra. The San Diego Symphony, Nashville Symphony, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Grand Rapids Pops, and Symphony Silicon Valley are all signed on for stops on the tour, as well, though the full schedule was not yet released.


Tickets for the Philadelphia show go online February 20, 2016 on Ticketmaster and MannCenter.org.