Adam Sandler's Hubie Halloween Includes Touching Tribute to Cameron Boyce

Adam Sandler's latest movie, Hubie Halloween, was released on Netflix first thing Wednesday morning. Folks who got up early (or stayed up late) to watch the spooky comedy were met with a somber tribute at the very end, just before the credits begin to roll. At the conclusion of Hubie Halloween, a photo of late actor Cameron Boyce pops on the screen, along with a message about the kindness and talent the young man possessed. Boyce died last year at just 20 years of age, passing away in his sleep as a result of epilepsy.

Boyce and Sandler share a friendship that goes back a decade, as the young actor got one of his first major roles in Grown Ups. He played one of Sandler's children in the film and returned for the sequel a couple of years later. The two remained close in the years after Grown Ups 2 was released. Boyce was supposed to have a role in Hubie Halloween but passed away shortly before production began.

"In loving memory of Cameron Boyce," reads the message at the end of Hubie Halloween. "Gone way too soon and one of the kindest, coolest, funniest, and most talented kids we knew. You live forever in our hearts and our truly missed every day."

On October 2nd, Sandler appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and explained that Hubie Halloween was made in honor of Boyce.


“He passed away just a few days before filming,” Sandler said. “That kid was a great kid. His family is amazing. I know him from Grown Ups. He was a little kid in Grown Ups. I watched him become a superstar. My kids worshiped him. He came to my daughter’s bat mitzvah. He came and literally signed, there were 400 kids there, and he signed all the kids autographs. He would always have these charity things going on. He would bug me, for charity stuff. Never cared about anything else. Just a nice solid, talented kid.”

Hubie Halloween is now available to stream on Netflix.