Hugh Jackman Says Call Off Search For New Wolverine, Shares Adorable Photo

The next few phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will certainly be interesting, especially now that Marvel Studios and Disney own the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. Fans are hotly anticipating seeing their favorite X-Men in the MCU, and that definitely includes Wolverine, though it will be sad for many that Hugh Jackman isn't the one who will be that character to life in the MCU. While Jackman won't be playing the character any longer, it seems he has found the perfect replacements, which happen to be two adorable babies rocking Wolverine gear. Jackman is calling off the search, and you see why in the photo below.

Once Jackman was shown the adorable duo he knew he had found the next Wolverine, or in this case, Wolverines. Jackman wrote:Call off the search for a new #Wolverine. Here's your heir and a spare. @yencita09."

I mean, it worked for the Olsen Twins on Full House, right? You've got two babies and they can just share the Wolverine duties and give the other one time off!

The duo was brought to Jackman's attention by Yenci Aguilar Arroyo, and as you can se in the photo above, they will melt just about anyone.

"The two little Wolverine's @RealHughJackman"


The MCU has accomplished quite a bit in the years since it launched, and the introduction of mutantkind and the X-Men will provide yet another shot of energy and an amazing roster of characters for the universe to play with. The question now is, when does Marvel introduce the concept of mutants, as you would likely need to do that before you have any mention of the X-Men.

It also remains to be seen how the MCU deals with characters that have long histories in the universe in the comics. Wolverine, in particular, has lived through much of the established MCU history, and Weapon X has long roots in history as well. Marvel might just change that a bit, or they could leave that intact by just saying that the Avengers never knew of these people and organizations, but someone like Nick Fury was keeping tabs on them. We'll just have to wait and see.