REVIEW: ‘Incredibles’-Inspired Incredicoaster Races Into Disney California Adventure

The super-charged Incredicoaster powers up with all-new special effects, character figures and story scenes, and an energetic original soundtrack, endowing the Disneyland Resort with the world’s first-ever ride through attraction featuring characters from Disney-Pixar’s The Incredibles.

Presented exclusively at Disney California Adventure Park’s newly reimagined Pixar Pier and permanently replacing California Screamin’, the Jack-Jack Attack and Incredibles 2-inspired inverted roller coaster anchors Incredibles Park, one of four distinct themed neighborhoods now occupying the remodeled boardwalk.

Housed in a a mid-century modern-style queue area, a televised CG-animated pre-ride show picks up with the super-powered Incredibles after their heroic rescue of Municiberg, whose citizens have dedicated a roller coaster in the super heroes’ honor.

During the dedication ceremony of the Incredicoaster’s inaugural launch, the Parr family — super-strong dad Bob, stretchy mom Helen, force-field-wielding teen daughter Violet, and fast-footed pre-teen Dash — sprint into action when super suit designer and sometimes-babysitter Edna Mode loses sight of unpredictable polymorph baby Jack-Jack, whose unwieldly super powers cause chaos on the roller coaster’s track.

Incredicoaster 3
(Photo: Disney Parks)

As vehicles leave the station, guests witness an all-new show scene with an Edna character figure that watches helplessly as an animated Jack-Jack teleports away, disappearing into thin air. Dash rushes into action -- a new water spray effect imitates the speedster’s dash across the water — as riders are rocketed out of Paradise Bay into the first tunnel, now illuminated by Jack-Jack’s blue laser beams.

During the climb into the second tunnel, the ride vehicles slow as a 53-foot-long always-flexible Mrs. Incredible stretches herself flat against the tunnel walls, reaching and calling out for Jack-Jack — who has now transformed into a puddle of green goo. Mr. Incredible is nearby, bursting through the tunnel, cookie in hand, attempting to lure the evasive toddler out of another dimension with an enticing “num num cookie” — accompanied by the alluring aroma of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.

A laughing Jack-Jack has set the third tunnel aflame, forcing the Violet figure to utilize her purple force fields to protect the riders from the raging — but artificial — fire.

As the coaster zooms over a series of humps, riders find themselves surrounded by floating Jack-Jacks, innocently giggling as he multiplies. After riders circle through the last helix, we learn in the ride-ending show scene that Jack-Jack has safely returned to Edna — who has one last big, can’t-miss surprise for riders.

Incredicoaster 1
(Photo: Disney Parks)

Your ride across more than 6,000 feet of track is set to an all-new score by The Incredibles and Incredibles 2 composer Michael Giacchino, whose zippy, pow-packed theme emerges as a standout in an attraction packed with crowd-pleasers — including the new life-sized static figures that faithfully recreate iconic Incredibles characters and the Incredicoaster’s dazzling special effects that impressively brings the Incredibles’ super powers to life. (Although fun at any time, the ride is best experienced at night; the effects are better viewed without competition from the California sun.)

Exiting riders walk towards Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums, serving freshly-baked cookies in an attractive kiosk featuring hand-painted art designed by Walt Disney Imagineering and artist Teddy Newton, whose abstract, hyper-colored style is familiar to fans of the Brad Bird-directed pair of films.


Of its many exciting new additions, Pixar Pier's Incredicoaster is a super fun thrill ride and the Disneyland Resort's newest must-see attraction that will leave you screamin’ to ride it again and again.

Just in time for summer, the Incredicoaster and Pixar Pier debut exclusively at Disney California Adventure Park June 23.