Iron Man Fan Makes Working EDITH Glasses

One Iron Man fan has made working EDITH glasses and TikTok is amazed by the development. JLaservideo has been working on these prototypes for a while and now the social media platform is getting a taste of their work. This time, he's added a new HUD and AR capability to the design. You can't say enough about how much work has gone into making the form factor smaller and smaller over time. Fitting all that tech into a pair of sunglasses is a tall task with where we are with consumer components. But, the maker got it all done and the views speak for themselves in this instance. Unlike the staggering tech from Spider-Man: Far From Home, the user needs a cell phone to pair with these far-out spectacles. One day, we'll all have this kind of tech for ourselves, but for now, it's cool to watch.

Far From Home featured Iron Man coming through in the clutch for Peter during the movie. (Although he was technically the source of Spider-Man's worries during the film._ Marvel Studios veteran Dawn Michelle King ended up voicing the assistant after Tony Stark's recorded message played. Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers teamed up to pen the movie. They spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about how having the glasses talk to Peter in Robert Downey Jr's voice was a treat for the fans.

"I think if anything, it was always going to be re-used footage. We had talked about possibly hearing Tony's voice through EDITH at one point, but I think a little goes a long way and we didn't want to lean too hard," McKenna said.

Sommers added, "He is so beloved and we definitely talked about so many things, but at at some point it's about the absence of a person and about the loss of that person. If you show that person and that person has such a presence, does it fight trying to portray the loss?"

It remains to be seen how much of a cameo Iron Man will have in Black Widow. Or if there are any Stark surprises for Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3. We'll all wait and see for now.


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