Spider-Man: Far From Home Fan Creates Amazing EDITH Replica Glasses

Spider-Man: Far From Home closed out Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a bang. Peter [...]

Spider-Man: Far From Home closed out Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a bang. Peter Parker received one last gift from Tony Stark to help with his adventures, a pair of glasses connected to a powerful A.I. One Marvel fan has managed to create his own pair of E.D.I.T.H glasses, and the results are pretty amazing. JLaservideo walked his viewers through the process on YouTube.

What starts as a normal pair of glasses ends up being a companion piece to a smartphone. Now, in the film, E.D.I.T.H. gives Holland control of a lot of Stark's technology. Something he quickly learns when accidentally calling a drone strike down on a rival for MJ's romantic attention. Still, once Spider-Man understands the responsibility he has to wield, he adjusts and steps into his own as a hero.

Far From Home nearly had Robert Downey Jr. come through for a voice-only cameo to help Peter out. The filmmakers opted to have Marvel Studios veteran Dawn Michelle King voice E.D.I.T.H instead. Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers wrote the movie together. The duo talked about how having the glasses actually transmit Stark's voice would have been a fun treat for the audience with The Hollywood Reporter.

"I think if anything, it was always going to be re-used footage. We had talked about possibly hearing Tony's voice through EDITH at one point, but I think a little goes a long way and we didn't want to lean too hard," McKenna explained.

Sommers chimed in, "He is so beloved and we definitely talked about so many things, but at at some point it's about the absence of a person and about the loss of that person. If you show that person and that person has such a presence, does it fight trying to portray the loss?"

Stark does pop up through recycled footage when Mysterio reveals his true identity. Quentin Beck was a scorned ex-Stark Industries employee with an ax to grind. Mysterio was furious with Stark after the hero misused Beck's life work. The Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing, or B.A.R.F. as Stark crudely referred to it, was basically a therapy chamber for Iron Man.

"Doing the flashback like we did with Civil War is probably the most you'd want to see and hear Tony in this movie," McKenna said.

"Like Erik says, if you are doing a movie about loss, you don't want to keep going to the well. 'He's still alive and now he's a hologram, showing you around Avengers compound.'"

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