James Mangold Responds to Snyder Cut Backlash After Teasing Justice League Fans

The Snyder Cut has become a fixture of any discussion involving Justice League, and despite the film releasing back in 2018, that shows no signs of changing anytime soon. Those who want the Snyder Cut released are pretty passionate about it, as Logan director James Mangold learned this morning after waking up to a series of annoyed tweets after he mentioned the Snyder Cut in a previous tweet. After all the responses to his initial tweet, Mangold took to Twitter to clarify and expand on his previous comments, explaining that his tweet was not a shot at Zack Snyder, but more the obsession that has developed around his version of the film.

For context, here's the original tweet. "Fellow cinephiles. Have you ever spent some time with the work of Martin Ritt? Um. You should. Maybe take ten minutes off from your picketing for the Snyder Cut and watch something where the wardrobe isn't fiberglass or carbon fiber," Mangold wrote.

As for his response, you can read it in its entirety below.

"I woke up to an avalanche of angry tweets so let me try to set something straight, something that may only make you angrier, but at least you’ll understand me," Mangold wrote. "I don’t know Zack Snyder. I got nothing against Zack. My gentle shot at the “S Cut movement”was not a blast at him. I doubt very much that Zack is waking everyday thinking about his original 3 hour cut of a giant corporate endeavor that was ill received. Maybe I’m wrong but, unlike some of you, who have turned your disappointment into outrage and a cause, I’d venture to say he has moved on.

"So if I was making a little joke at the expense of anyone, it was not Zack," Mangold said. "I’d love to see another film of his soon. One, hopefully, w/o massive pre-existing merch deals & a preset plan for a multi tiered release of a multi movie “universe” burdened by corporate expectation. So apologies for angering anyone. As some have recognized, i was just making a quip about vast areas of great cinema that are less obsessed about. Not a shot at Zack."


It seems he got a bit more in terms of responses, as his last tweet on the subject was calling to put it all to rest.

"Folks, let's move on," Mangold said. "I wish all artistic voices were heard without interference. It's great you're so supportive of Zack. I truly hope what u seek is as awesome as u hope. Truce. Peace."

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