Jeremy Renner Open to a Hawkeye Netflix Series

Hawkeye Civil War

Marvel is having great success exploring some of its other characters on television through its partnership with Netflix.

Characters like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage will all be getting their chance in the spotlight, but what about some of the Avengers from the films?

Answering questions during a spotlight panel for the actor at Silicon Valley Comic Con, Hawkeye and Avengers actor Jeremy Renner was asked if he would do a Hawkeye series on Netflix like Daredevil.

"I think that's actually a really great model, if there's ever a way to explore the character, maybe it's in that world. These are things that are really not in my control, but I'd be open to it. I've really enjoyed getting to explore the character more recently. The Netflix model is where all the character drama goes to now, you're doing a superhero movie or a Netflix or HBO kind of model. So I'd be open to it. Not up to me, though."

Hint Hint, Nudge Nudge.

So basically, I would love to, but it's not up to me. We got a much bigger glimpse of the character behind the costume in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but I would be interested to find out more, and there is no shortage of stories to tell with the character.


Later on in the panel, a fan asked if he would be open to a Black Widow and Hawkeye movie. Renner instantly responded "In a second. I'd love to do that." Personally, that is the project I would love to see. The characters have so much history together in the cinematic universe, and getting to see these characters interact before their days as Avengers would make for some compelling content.