The Matrix and Bad Boys Star Joe Pantoliano Hospitalized After Being Hit By a Car

Joe Pantoliano, star of The Matrix, Bad Boys, and The Sopranos, was hospitalized in Connecticut after being struck by a car, TMZ reports. Pantoliano's wife, Nancy Sheppard, told TMZ that Pantoliano was walking with his family on Friday when a Porsche that had been struck by another car came across the road and struck the actor. Pantoliano was sent through the air and landed on a wooden fence. He suffered injuries including a "gash" on his head and damage to his left leg and shoulder. EMTs came to the scene and brought Pantoliano to a hospital, where he received a CT scan.

Pantoliano has been discharged from the hospital. The actor is recovering at home from "a severe head injury and some chest trauma" but the outlook is good. Barry McPherson, Pantoliano's agent, tells Variety, "He is home now recuperating. He has stitches and is being monitored for a concussion and chest trauma. He is resting and thankful for all the inquiries."

Someone posted a photo of Pantoliano to Instagram showing the actor's injuries. He seems in good spirits, flashing a smile and a thumbs up for the camera. "Joey is home recovering," the post reads. "He has a severe head injury and some chest trauma. He is going to be dark on social media for a couple days while recovering. Thank you for all the well wishes and positive vibes. Keep them coming! We'll be reading them to him to help him get better!"

Pantoliano is known for playing Ralph Cifaretto in HBO's The Sopranos, a role that one him an Emmy Award. He's also known for playing the traitor Cypher in the original The Matrix movie. He also plays Captain Conrad Howard in the Bad Boys film series. He reprised the role in Bad Boys for Life, the third installment of the franchise which opened in January. He got his start playing a wounded soldier on the TV series M*A*S*H. He made his film debut in The Idolmaker in 1980, then played the pimp named Guido in the 1983 movie Risky Business. He first worked with The Matrix directors The Wachowskis on their directorial debut film, Bound, in 1996. His other television roles include appearances on Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue. He also appeared in 1988's Midnight Run as Eddie Moscone, as Cosmo Renfro in 1993's The Fugitive, and as Teddu in Christopher Nolan's Memento in 2000.


Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images