'Bumblebee's John Cena on Starring Opposite The Rock

John Cena squaring off with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on the big screen is something Bumblebee's star believes the fanbase would devour.

Cena and Johnson went head to head in WWE, most recently at Wrestlemania 28. They are two of the biggest names in professional wrestling's history, with Cena looking to carry out a similar transition into Hollywood as Johnson has. As their big screen stars begin to grow brighter, it seems like a recipe for box office success, and Cena agrees.

"As a matter of fact, I think that's one... I am speaking for movie consumers here, but I think that's one thing consumers would wanna see," Cena told ComicBook.com. "It certainly is something that they wanted to see in a WWE venue and I think that's a good litmus test about the pulse of pop culture. Dwayne's such a larger than life star, he truly is in his own league, but people were interested in us in that sort of universe. I feel that they would be interested in us on the big screen, as well."

If some fans had their way, a Cena versus Johnson ordeal would have come in the form of Shazam!. Johnson was cast as Shazam villain Black Adam years ago (before eventually leaving the upcoming Zachary Levi-lead film for his own standalone outing). Fan art and comment sections had previously offered a bit of clamoring for Cena to play the DC Comics hero before it had officially been cast and it's one which Cena found particularly interesting.

"The story of Shazam is a wonderful one," Cena said. "I think I talked about, 'Hey, you gotta like the story first.' Man, the story's great and I think it's the innocence of that young child becoming a superhero and essentially not wanting to do it and then realizing he's a superhero and then you're faced with the morality of be selfish or be giving. I think there's a lot of wonderful story points to the comic book of Shazam. In any well-written comic, you have the wonderful story. I think that's why people gravitate towards comics so much and why the comic book, the franchise explosion of comic books have become so popular with fans, because it's this quasi-believable universe that look awesome onscreen, but at the same time, each character has his own plight. I think that's really interesting to follow."


While Cena knows Shazam! is "a good one," he does believe "there's a ton of other good ones" when it comes to super heroes. "I like to fancy myself as my own superhero," Cena jokes. "I know that the internet believes that I'm invisible, which is awesome. I've been invisible for about a decade now, which is totally cool and I keep trying to tell people, 'I'm a real superhero. I'm invisible and I've concocted a new maneuver that is actually a lightning fist, so I'm really trying to be like a multiple superpower superhero.'" Nothing like a little self-awareness to keep the ball moving.

Cena's Transformers spinoff Bumblebee is now playing in theaters.