Watch Robert Downey Jr. Honor Iron Man Director Jon Favreau in Hollywood Walk of Fame Speech

15 years after they launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe with 2008's Iron Man, Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. are sticking together like glue — or gum. On Monday, the Iron Man director and creator of The Mandalorian was honored with the 2,746th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Downey, who starred as the armored Avenger in Favreau's Iron Man and Iron Man 2, and Favreau's The Chef Show co-host Roy Choi, appeared as guest speakers at the dedication hosted by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (which released Favreau's Walk of Fame ceremony in full, below). 

During the dedication, Downey withdrew a chewed-up piece of gum from his mouth and planted it on Favreau's star. "Just to make it official," joked Downey, drawing laughs from Favreau and the crowd. You can watch the moment below in a video from Entertainment Tonight.

Downey took the podium to pay tribute to his two-time Iron Man director, who lobbied producer Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios to cast the once-troubled actor at the time better known for his off-screen bad behavior than his movie career. ("It wasn't an easy job to get him cast," Favreau recalled to EW in 2018. "There was quite a bit of resistance at first.")

"Never forget where you come from. 16 years ago this week, Jon and I were in pre-production on what felt like a high-concept indie, and we were fueled by this infectious, yet unfounded, confidence," Downey said in his speech. "I was beyond grateful for the power of second chances. Strangely, Kevin Feige trusted us, he and I trusted Jon, and for no good reason, Jon and Kevin trusted me."

Before Iron Man grossed more than half a billion dollars globally and kick-started the now 31-movie MCU, it was "a second-tier superhero property that had no shot at affording Kevin Feige the opportunity to launch a cinematic universe, because there was no such thing as a cinematic universe."

"Now, I would never insinuate that it was me who made Jon a multi-hyphenate international sensation, because I have to leave something for his speech," Downey quipped, breaking out in laughter. "And there's nothing more awkward for my friend that we are here to celebrate and honor than being honored and celebrated."

Watch Favreau's Walk of Fame ceremony in the player above.