Jurassic World: Dominion Star B.D. Wong Teases His Villainous Return

Production on Jurassic World: Dominion is officially underway, and the new film will not only conclude the storylines begun with this reboot of the franchise but also will feel like a sixth Jurassic Park movie according to director Colin Trevorrow. One of those stories that will seemingly be wrapped up is the return of BD Wong as Dr. Henry Wu. Following a brief appearance in the first Jurassic Park film, the character was given new life in the Jurassic World movies and in a new interview Wong opens up about that experience and teases what he can about his involvement in the sequel.

"Colin Trevorrow...sent me this picture of the first day of shooting of Jurassic World and asked me to post it, so I guess that means that I can say that I'm actually going to be in Jurassic World 3," Wong told EW. "I can't tell you much more than that. I can tell you that they make me sign a thing that says I get in very big trouble if I say much more than that I'm in it."

Wong briefly recapped his feelings on how the character was treated in the film, expressing disappointment with the diminished part Dr. Wu had related to Michael Crichton's original novel compared to Steven Spielberg's feature adaptation. He went on to address how this resulted in a unique opportunity for the character in these new movies.

"Colin's very proud of where he's taken this particular character. He kind of rescued this character from obscurity from the original Jurassic Park movie....Then years later Colin came back and said 'Well who's not dead?' and went through the roster of characters. There was only one person they could really, not even resurrect him, they just pulled him back from obscurity because he had not been attended to properly as far as I'm concerned. And he has now taken a turn into a whole other world in the franchise and become a more complex and more interesting individual. So where he goes in the third movie, cannot be said by me right now, but Colin's very proud of it and rightly so."

Wong wouldn't say much more about what will happen with Dr. Wu in the new film, but considering its new world order of Dinosaurs roaming the world and out in the open, he likely has a major part to play in some way. The actor also teased what might have happened to him in the original movie if his role had been expanded, and teased that he might get his same fate.


"If they had attended to all of their loose ends I probably would have been killed. Dr. Wu probably would have been killed; however, he would have had a spectacular death. He would have had an epic, operatic, incredible death, that he was robbed of in the original movie, but perhaps reparations can be paid."

Jurassic World: Dominion is scheduled to hit theaters on June 11th, 2021.

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