Justice League Dark Movie & Constantine TV Show Can Co-Exist According To Guillermo del Toro

Justice League Dark Movie When it was revealed that a Constantine TV show was in the works at NBC, many fans wondered what that would mean for director Guillermo del Toro's Justice League Dark movie, which is said to include Constantine as one of the members of the team. Had Warner Bros. decided to go the TV route with the property instead of the movie route? In a new interview on IGN, del Toro addressed the question of what the TV show meant for the movie. "We talked about it at DC and Warners, and I feel confident that the two properties can exist at the same time,” del Toro said. “I think that DC is trying to create a great universe of characters, and expand it and make it clear to the audience that it’s a landscape of characters, and not just one that’s dependent on one or two characters.” Guillermo del Toro also assured IGN that the Justice League Dark movie was still in active development, even though there isn't a full script yet. One thing that is not entirely clear from del Toro's answer is whether the TV and the movie property will operate in the same universe. It's a question that fans are also asking about Arrow and the upcoming Flash series. Since Constantine is just one of many characters in Justice League Dark, it probably wouldn't be out of the question for Warner Bros. to utilize the same actor on both the TV series and in the movie.