Swamp Thing Designs Revealed By Former Justice League Dark Movie Artist

There was a time not so long ago where a Justice League Dark film was in active development, featuring some of the spookiest characters from the DC Comics mythos. At first, it was going to be helmed by the Oscar-winning Guillermo del Toro. A matter of years later, del Toro left and the project hired Doug Liman. Under Liman's tutelage, the project gained some serious ground and was, at one point, supposed to be a part of the larger DC Extended Universe Warner Brothers is actively developing.

Then, just as del Toro before him, Liman eventually left the project and it was subsequently put on the back burner. Now, a concept artist involved with Liman's take on the team-up flick has released two pieces of concept art from the film, teasing the larger-than-life debut of Swamp Thing. Over the weekend, artist Houston Sharp added the pieces of Swamp Thing to his Facebook page, teasing the Green's arrival in the DCEU.

"An old concept I did for Doug Liman's cancelled Justice League Dark movie," Sharp posted on Sunday. "Doug had the idea of Swamp Thing being a spirit of the swamp, coming into form when a group of arsonists set the plants ablaze. This particular design was a collaboration between myself and David Masson. Too bad the film got canned, it was a lot of fun to work on! More JLD concepts incoming, stay tuned!"

While the first piece has serious Groot vibes, the second piece Sharp posted is much more like the classic Swamp Thing look you've come to know and love.

Though Liman's Justice League Dark will no longer be happening, HBO Max has charged JJ Abrams and Bad Robot with developing their own Dark universe across film and television.

"What an amazing start to our association with the wildly imaginative Bad Robot team under J.J. and Katie," former HBO Max chief Kevin Reilly said during the show's initial announcement. "What could be better than an original J.J. idea and then Warner Bros. letting them loose on iconic IP from Stephen King and the DC Universe and to provide more must-have programming on HBO Max."

It has yet to be revealed just to what extent Abrams himself is involved in the projects, or which characters will end up appearing, for that matter.

There's currently no release date set for HBO Max's Justice League Dark series.

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