Justice League Director Zack Snyder Fought for Connie Nielsen to Be Cast in Wonder Woman

Justice League director Zack Snyder ended up fighting for Connie Nielsen to be cast in Wonder Woman. The actress talked to The Hollywood Reporter about securing that part and the Batman v. Superman filmmaker ended up being a huge part in her locking down the role of Queen Hippolyta. She made enough of an impression on Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins to stay aboard for the solo picture. But, it took quite a bit of convincing to get Nielsen in line for the role. Snyder kept pushing and made sure to look out for the actress and that ended up making all the difference in the world. People might have criticisms of the director, but it remains clear that he really values the relationships of his crew and wants to see them succeed in their endeavors.

“It’s funny because it was Zack Snyder who was the one who kept saying to Patty, ‘I really think you should meet with Connie Nielsen. I really think she’s right for this role,’” Nielsen remembered. “Patty was like, ‘Oh, no, she’s this tough girl, and I’m not looking for a tough woman for this.’ Zack then said, ‘I really don’t think so. I think you should meet with her.’ I had to fly to London just before Christmas.”

She continued, “I think I arrived and went straight from the airport to lunch with Patty at this Japanese restaurant. I just immediately fell into this comrades-in-arms kind of feeling with her, and we just bonded over the next four hours. We had the longest lunch, and it just felt like a conversation that was unable to end.”

Patty Jenkins is ready for Wonder Woman 1984 to be out in the world but understands that things are beyond their control right now. She wrote on Twitter, “We made Wonder Woman 1984 for the big screen and I believe in the power of cinema. In these terrible times, when theater owners are struggling as so many are, we are excited to re-date our film to August 14th, 2020 in a theater near you, and pray for better times for all by then.”

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